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Being Grumpy

Some days you can just deal with anything that the world chucks at you. You will battle with any thing or any one who gets in your way ..totally focused and goal orientated like a bulldozer you drive straight though, ignoring any hiccups or pain along the way….but on other days…

On other days feel vulnerable, you feel less than your usual perfect self. You tell yourself that you can’t do stuff, you listen to all the negative self talk …and you let your self feel horrid! what do I do in these situations?
I acknowledge it

..I tell myself that I am just having a bad couple of hours.

I sit and think about how I am a winner, that I have acheived so much and all the negative talk is just noise

Getting frustrated and annoyed is normal ..and feeling sorry for myself , does not help !

So I go for a walk or I clean something (scrubbing pots and pans is fab!)

If I can do something fun or uplifting (singing to good music helps!)

…I choose to feel better

but …just to prove I am human ..sometimes I just like being grumpy

..sometimes I decide I want to feel like this & wallow in my self pity usually lasts for a couple of hours and then I get bored !

So ..acknowledgement is key aware what mood you are in..and change it

…if you want !

I would love your comments and to know if it is just me that has these moments ..please leave feedback ;) at

When You have something to say Say It!

When you have something to say, say it!

I am a nice person (truly I am!) And I am probably the last person to do this because I don’t like hurting people’s feeling , so I end up tieing myself in knots about how to speak to people about issues or if I have to let people down I get in a terrible state ..even though I know that I will be nice about it …

I was brought up to believe that If you haven’t got something nice to say ..then don’t say it !

I do live by this as best I can ..but I am no saint ..I am snappy and think I know best alot of the time (which I do obviously!!) …there are a few family members that seem to press my buttons and wind me up ..I suppose that we all have those people in our lives.

But I think that I am quite measured, I make every effort to think before I say something and how it will be received

..I also like people who get to the point , you know when people start beating around the bush ..if you have something to say then say it ..but there are people who are direct, to the point of being aggressive is all down to interpretation..what is acceptable to you may not be to someone else,

and that is the problem with the online world.

When we send an email ..we send it with our words and meaning ..but your reader may receive it with a totally different meaning .

It is important to use all the copywriting skills and marketing talk but at the end of the day …if you have something to say it ! …be clear direct ..tell your reader in simple terms what you want them to do

My challenge for the week is to be direct and supportive to my peers, to write all my emails in a clear, direct unambiguous way …I will let you know how I get on !

Back to Bartering

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how so many people struggle with getting clients and building a following, and how even when they know what they should do they still don’t do it! So why is this? Is it because they are fearful of success for some reason? ..they say they want success, they even tell themselves that they want it ..but still they don’t step up and take the action. One of the easiest ways to increase your followers is to help other people. A) Help your clients to find the answers to their problems B) Help your peers The first one is well publicized ..find out what your customers want and give it to them ..easy peasy (well most of the time!) It takes some work to research what your customers want, but with the online information readily available then the world is just waiting to share with you. So; get an idea, check out your potential customers (just because you think it is a great idea doesn’t mean it is)research it well, who are your customers, who are your competition? then away you go ..but you need a strategy (I am happy to recommend a few people who can help you ..just drop me a line) Which brings me to my second point your peers … to some people this can be a little more tricky to understand. ..So what do I mean ..well, whatever your niche or business that you are in, there will be complimentary businesses that run beside it for instance ..a website designer could have contacts who are copywriters ..or a manufacturer of paint could team up with a paint brush maker You see they just seem to fit together once you have established who/what compliments your business ..go ask them are few tips: Be friendly People buy from people friendly, build the relationship Ask how you can help them (not the other way around!)If you ask someone for a favour ..they may say Yes ..but they are more likely to say Yes if it is a win:win situation ..which is where bartering comes into play … So if I have a copy writing service and you have an online business ….I may ask you if you would like me to write x amount of copy for you and in exchange perhaps you could promote my services to your customers ..see get the idea …think outside the box else could you help them If you are offering to pay them as an affiliate is this something that will interest them ? Is it appropriate? Just keep asking …how can I help them mum always said ..what goes around comes around nice to people, help people and you will be rewarded As a little side note ..I have a great marketing ebook that I am giving away ..if you would like a copy please go to :

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Kid in a candy store!

Have you ever felt like you a kid in a candy store?

Most of my connections in social media are from the world of Personal Development (facebook etc) and there is always a good vibe going on as well as some amazing information being passed between each other. There is some incredible, mind blowing stuff out there and I sign up to many email and blog subscriptions

My only problem is that I constantly get distracted by new & exciting opportunities being given to me.
For Instance:
In the last few days I have been invited to 2 amazing Internet Marketing seminars, I can receive 3 great new DVDs for free and I can learn more about NLP
….I know that this information is all first class information, from people who I have researched and have respect for (not like recieving some out of the blue email offer, trying to flog me some dodgy traffic builder or article sumbit pogram or something)
..these are good, worth listening to people …so what do I do first ? How do I choose which one ?

With good quality questions:
Will this help me personally or with my business or both?
Is this the direction that I want my business to go?
How much free time have I got that I can commit to this subject?
Could I look at this subject at another time ?
If I miss out on this opportunity NOW how will it effect me or my business?
Am I ready to learn this yet?
If I get all that is promised in the sales pitch how will I use it ?

I could go on ..but I am sure you get my point asking these questions, I feel that I am being responsible to myself and my business
…I can not do everything all at once & I don’t have time for distractions I am eating just one chunk at a time ! (pineapple cubes if you want to know!!)

Tomorrow I am 42…

Tomorrow I am 42……

Yes I really am that old!

At this time of year I have a little ritual that I do
..Itry on clothes that I haven’t worn for a year (mainly to see if they still fit!!) and I clear out all my junk both internally and externally!

So in 42 years what am I thankful for ?

I found , married and continue to love each day a little bit more and more ,my true soul mate Ian

I was brought up my amazing parents who taught me how to value life, to be open minded and accept people for who and what they are.

I have a brother and sister who love me and who have made who I am

I am lighter, fitter and healthier than I have been in the last 10 years

I live in SW France where the air is clear and the sky’s are blue

I know that I am loved and I love me too!

I am mortgage free (yeah !!!)

I have time to read, learn, love and laugh ..probably my 4 favourite things (oh & eating!)

I have my own business – something that I have desired for many years

I have some fantastic friends ..some I see often, others that I see occasionally
and t
through social media, some who I may never actually meet!

Nature is all around me, growing and flourishing ..just as I am

My life is full of richness and love
I thank you for being part of it

Karen Goddard x

Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show yourself your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, effective, powerful creator that you’ve come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheerleading section. But I will not do for you that which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I’m always here to compliment or assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you. —- Abraham

Just Ask

There are some many great people out there all wanting to help you just need to ask!

I am running a workshop in June about how to fill, plan and sell your own seminars and how it can make a huge impact on your business, not just finanically from ticket sales from the event but long term as well, having more clients and increased recognition in your field.

I stuck writing a part of my event & I mentioned it to a friend who was more than happy to help me.
Just by asking for help ..she saved me money and a huge headache!
if you would like to find out more about holding your own seminars and workshops here is my link: